A Gibson and Lily collaboration

You've reached gibsonandlily.com, this is the umbrella name for my (currently 7) projects.:

Newslily is a collaborative bookmarking tool, it is also a game. Users post links to news stories, images, or videos that they find interesting, and gain pointes based upon the approval of the other users. The points that they gain can then be used to voice their approval of others' submissions and/or comments.

Thingist is a website that allows users to categorize "things" (status updates, christmas lists, things they love, etc.) into lists. It usess facebook open graph api to allow them to also post this content to their facebook pges.

Howtojust is still in its infancy. It is a "Dead Simple" howto directory. It is largely experimental.

Newsyndicated is a social RSS reader. It allows readers to concentrate their newsreading in one place, then share stores that they like with their peers. These shared stories can then be viewed independently of the RSS feeds.

TweetHarder was a bit of a joke spawned from a comment on hacker news. It allows users to link each other to phrases which are typed in large bold letters across a white screen.

Notes was started because emailing myself notes about beer that I like is silly. Now I can keep it all in one place, in the cloud :).

That's all for now. For inquiries, contact ryan @ this domain.
~Have a nice day.